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Is it an optical illusion?👀⁠

No, it's just our Twizys ready and waiting for you to come back and join us in the city again🚗💨⁠

Until we meet again, you can purchase one of our gift cards on our website, where we are currently donating 50% of the proceeds directly to our amazing NHS💙⁠

Shop through the link in our bio⬆️⁠


We can’t wait to dash back to the theatres again🚗💨 But for now, stay safe Twizlers, until we meet again💙❤️ *this photograph was taken before the lockdown took place

#TwizyTours #IWillTravelAgain

It's oh so quiet along the streets of London🤫, and it has been recorded that there has been a 58% decrease in emissions in the city over the past few months!🚗💨⁠

Lucky for us, we don't emit any emissions with our electric Twizys♻️⁠

*This photograph was taken before the lockdown was announced*⁠

#TwizyTours #iwilltravelagain

Who doesn't love to watch the sun slowly setting across London?🌆⁠

Our Twizys are currently keeping themselves safe at home, and this image was taken at Hyde Park Corner before the lockdown.⁠

#TwizyTours #StaySafe #LondonWillBeWaiting

We certainly are missing cruising around the streets of London, and stumbling across handsome chaps like these along the way at Berkeley Square!🎩⁠

You may not be able to join us right now, but you can purchase one of our gift vouchers which are the perfect gift for your loved ones, and we are donating 50% of these sales directly to the NHS for all the hard work they are doing to keep us all safe💙⁠

Link is in our bio⬆️⁠

#TwizyTours #StaySafe #londonwillbewaiting

You may have already been doing this over the past few weeks, but today is #EatWhatYouWantDay😍, and what better excuse to order that takeaway or raid the fridge again!🍕🍔🍫⁠

London has SO many great places to eat, here are just some of our favourites:⁠
🍔 @bitemeburger⁠
🎂 @peggyporschenofficial⁠
☕ @drunch⁠
🐟 Toffs Fish and Chips, Muswell Hill⁠
🍵 @camellias_teahouse⁠
And so many more!⁠

Let us know your favourite foodie places to eat in the City below⬇️⁠ *image was taken before lockdown was imposed

#TwizyTours #staysafe