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London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2020


We were back for 2020!


London’s New Year’s Day Parade proudly takes place every year around the streets of London, and we have been lucky enough for the past two years to make a grand entrance, and lead the parade from Piccadilly to Parliament Square.


London, consistently voted as one of the world’s most popular destinations, packed full of landmark buildings, world class tourist attractions, restaurants offering cuisine from around the globe and, for the past 34 years, The London’s New Year’s Day Parade is more fondly known by Londoners as LNYDP. –



If you were there, you no doubt noticed some our Twizys had been given a makeover for the parade, created by the owners of Twizy Tours. From a pink flamingo to a snappy crocodile, they certainly did not disappoint the crowd.


But we didn’t stop with the decorated cars, oh no, we played Twizy Football through the streets as well. It tested our drivers’ skill and coordination whilst having great fun throughout the parade. They will be the next Formula One drivers, you wait and see. 

Here’s some we made earlier:

Carlos Sainz, Jr. posing for the camera
If you haven’t been to LNYDP before, then we do recommend you join us next year, we know that seems like forever away considering we are only at the start of 2020, but it will come round sooner than you think! Can’t wait that long? A London Car tour is a good any time of the year!
A few of our drivers included Social Media Influencers –@lifeofkatariina, @askyourconcierge, @thatmuslimtourist, @muhammadtumi, whilst @pietro_recchia enjoyed a back-seat ride.

a group of people riding on the back of a motorcycle
For information on
how you can explore London in your very own Twizy, then head to our website to find out more

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